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As a general rule this type of website setup will allow for more comprehensive SEO, better page ranking and a better user experience due to faster page load speeds as well as having a more condensed version of your top level or "full" website just for mobile. When viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer the website will expand to fill the entire width of the view screen.

On smartphones and other small mobile devices the webpages will shrink in width to fit the screen resolution.

This will generally make for some very long webpages on mobile devices, so in many cases elements, or areas of text can be hidden so a more condensed version of the webpages displays.

Additionally, images are setup to shrink in size and other non mobile friendly elements may be hidden to allow for faster page loading speeds and a better viewer experience.

Page load speed is a factor not only to allow for a better user experience, but for better search engine ranking.

Again these modifications can all be done using Media Queries code.

To allow a website to be viewed without side scrolling on multiple devices, large images should be made flexible so they can dynamically expand and shrink to different screen resolutions on all devices, smartphones, tablet and desktop.This is done using css code to define images at a 100% width.Optionally, images can also be made to shrink and expand at fixed intervals using Media Queries. In addition to having a website dynamically change fonts, layout and image sizes using Media Queries css, you should consider having less images on each webpage, smaller images, and also hiding any elements that are not mobile friendly.It can alter font sizes, image sizes, layout elements and can also be used to hide elements that may not work on smartphones but are desired for desktop website viewing.Media Queries can be used in older websites and can detect not only screen resolution, but it can be used for device-orientation, print, projection, and more.

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