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Gymnos: Make sure you have one of these and don't let it fall behind in levels.If the worst happens and you need to replace your hero, a properly leveled gymnos will ensure you aren't starting from scratch.As long as you've already found an alliance and cashed in your free teleport, you'll want to get your stronghold level up to level eight as soon as possible.Villas: You're going to want a lot of these, probably around ten.Luckily, with all that food, you should have a pretty large standing army to do so.Balanced: Another popular choice, as with this set-up you probably won't be short on anything too often.

Also as usual for this type of game, you'll be drip-fed a bunch of quests, and if you follow them, your power will naturally build.Rather than give my usual list of tips, I'm instead going to offer you a guide to getting yourself established from scratch, all without spending a cent.First off, as usual for this type of game, you have a main stat that takes into account your offensive and defensive potential, and building that up is one of your main goals.Here are the three best methods I've discovered through experience and polling other players.High food production: This is probably the most popular choice.

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