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Based on the article – I feel I made the right decision.

3) The author lastly talks about what to do now, and how to find the right person going forward.

pm – There’s an announcement that they are pushing back the official start to 5pm. They pause in the rotations while an Imam gives a short talk about the meaning behind this event. They are now seated in a section that overlooks the banquet room and are watching all the goings on. Still kind of awkward, though.) I met a few cool people, some of them very lovely looking, and even fewer from the DC area. Just because I have fun while I’m there doesn’t mean I don’t care about my family or what is happening there. Most of them are very nice and I seem to connect with a few of them (none of them from DC though).

And now I have to make idle conversation with jerky B until they start. They actually had the gentlemen move down before we started, so at least I don’t have to talk to B anymore. I met a lot of doctors during this night and, I have to say, I was surprised. I was surprised because, at least from what I’ve seen, doctors are snagged pretty quickly in the matrimonial scene. He tells us that you shouldn’t expect to fall in love tonight (even my romantic nature knew that going in), that he won’t be performing marriages, and that the families should realize that, too. I met a few guys from Canada who were surprised when I said I would prefer to stay in the US (yay, America! Example: one guy I met asked me my ethnicity and I said Pakistani. He seemed unconvinced (and clearly was not listening to the Imam when he said should be respectful to everyone you meet) and we sit in awkward silence until the next round. Some people actually left when the Imam started speaking, so I have a break from time to time, which my voice really appreciates.

Because while guys are not necessarily judged for going to these events (or even being a little older and searching for a spouse) women judged. Basically, almost everything she does gets twisted into a symbol of her not wanting to be married. And if we do look at our phone, it’s because we don’t want seem pathetic, just standing in a corner waiting for someone to speak to them.

I think they can still smell the static guard, but I’m hoping it’s because I look cute despite my soppiness. Reading some of the descriptions, I can tell some are skewed in a more conservative direction, but I like that ISNA at least realizes that they can’t ignore the challenges that I and other Muslims face.

pm – I arrive at the ballroom where the banquet is being held.

It was interesting to hear that the goings on were pretty much like the banquet (awkward, to say the least).

And, as I am not a fan of hookah, I did not want to attend the after party (which took place at a hookah bar). Some might say so, but I prefer to think otherwise; I know what I want, and what I need, and I didn’t think I’d find it at Club ISNA.

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But I have tried making eye contact and giving a friendly smile (as the author suggests), to no avail.

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