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Ever since we were teenagers, she has praised my shiny brown locks and occasionally joked that she'd trade her much admired legs for my hair.

She's understandably despondent about losing her hair since starting treatment.

You two come at this with strong but rather inchoate views: You’re a pacifist who loathes guns.

He’s a Second Amendment purist who needs protection from the hordes stalking your city.

Believe me, I never thought he was capable of something like this or I would not have invited him. But when one wedding guest attempts to sever the carotid artery of another, that’s sufficient reason to cut the former out of your life forever.

Sure, this guy could use the money he gave you for his legal defense, but he doesn’t deserve it.

(Do not reveal the source of your largesse.) If he accepts the offer, fine. You do not have to apologize to the rest of your guests.

Instead of digging in, it would be helpful if you each could concede the other has a point.

If everyone shared your view there would be no need for guns; but they don’t, so there is.

I don't want to have a child until we can work this out.

How do we reach a compromise when we both have such strong views? You can’t start a family because your husband refuses to discuss the impasse you’re at over firearms. —is hardly making the case that you’ll be safer with a gun in the house.

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When we disagreed, one of us was always willing to reach a compromise. We had the worst fight ever last year over the fact that we do not have a gun in our home. He says guns can be stored safely and he never knew where his dad's gun was kept.

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