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Pious Muslims aspire to lower their gaze and look at each other without sexual objectification.Japanese children are taught in school to direct their gaze at the region of their teacher's Adam's apple or tie knot.While humans obtain useful information from looking at the face when listening to someone, the process of looking at faces is mentally demanding and takes processing.

Discussing eye contact is actually quite difficult because any attempt to categorize the degree (of sustained contact or measure of directness) and the nature of the eye contact is nearly guaranteed to contain a lot of descriptors derived from one's own cultural predisposition.In a 2001 study conducted in Germany examining German infants during their first 12 weeks of life, researchers studied the relationship between eye contact, maternal sensitivity and infant crying to attempt to determine if eye contact and maternal sensitivity were stable over time.In this correlational study, they began by categorizing the mother’s sensitivity placing them into one of four behavioral categories: inhibited/intense behavior, distortion of infant signals, over and understimulational, and aggressive behavioral.Next, the observer video-taped the mother and infant’s free-play interactions on a weekly basis for 12 weeks.When watching the videos, they measured the mutual eye contact between the mother and the infant by looking at the overlap in time when the mothers looked at their infant’s face and when the infants looked at their mother’s face.

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A 1985 study suggested that "3-month-old infants are comparatively insensitive to being the object of another's visual regard".

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