Do best friends end up dating

How many people feel as though they have attained that type of ideal?

And do psychologists confirm this new paradigm is a good one to strive for?

In particular, couples now expect their relationships to promote personal growth and help individuals fulfill their own goals.

The overall numbers from this recent poll dwarf the earlier reported rate of best-friend romantic partners.

Other research shows that those in friendship-based love relationships feel they have a highly likable partner, and that shared companionship is an important part of the love.

A study of 622 married individuals revealed that those with higher scores on the friendship-based love scale also reported more relationship satisfaction, greater perceived importance of the relationship, greater respect for their spouse, and felt closer to their spouse.

But expectations for modern relationships have evolved in the intervening years.

Compared to previous generations, today's heterosexual men and women are more accustomed to thinking of each other as friends on equal footing, even outside of the romantic realm.

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Companionate love is more closely associated with relationship satisfaction than is passionate love – the type of romantic love based on intense feelings of attraction.

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