Dating swapping sex

The norm states that you shouldn’t be sharing your partner with someone else.

However, this unwritten rule has been thwarted, broken, bent and ignored for centuries.

[Read: 15 open relationship rules for a better love life] There are a couple of differences within the swinging lifestyle itself, known as a soft swap and a full swap.

Just remember that this lifestyle is something that both of you have to agree to.

If not, it stands the risk of falling under the category of cheating.

How to avoid complications when having sex with another couple Here are seven swinging tips for you to keep in mind, if you want unconventional sex, minus the drama that comes with it. When you look at it from an unconventional point of view, sex can be treated and looked at as a hobby.

Just like shooting hoops or baking a cake, it is something that you can do alone, with your partner and with others.

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