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I just have a rambunctious 4 year old, lots of old movies and no money. It's not as if I didn't already buy the rights to view the movies, it's that technology changed.Rest assured we are working diligently to resolve this issue.Now, I have no clue how to do this nor what hardware I would need if any to do this. I'm assuming someone else has run into this problem. If you have Windows XP (with Service Pack 2) somewhere this would work smoothly. Plug this cable to the back of your VCR Audio Out (most likely a Mono single plug.If anyone can walk me through this, I will be infinitely grateful. Buy a USB video capture device such as Dazzle (made by Pinnacle) from Best Buy for @ 0.00. If you have stereo out then you do not need the cable).

As far as I can tell the only way I can convert them is by going from analog VHS to digital DVD. If you have money to burn, bring all your VHS tapes to Wal-Mart or Walgreens for the conversion. Option # 2 - Do not use Linux because there is no simple way to do this (yes, I have searched and posted for help in this forum without any success).Advanced Clicker Training is a two day workshop that includes lecture and hands-on training with owners and their dogs. View full product details » by John Rogerson This 3-day seminar covers: relationships that owners have with their dogs, defining what is meant by aggression as distinct from aggressive display, genetics, the role of the...View full product details » Grab a cup of tea and watch as Ken Ramirez tells the fascinating story of his more than 35-year career bringing modern, force-free animal training methods to all corners of... View full product details » by Lynne Stephens and Karen Mielke Have you ever wondered why your dog can perform brilliantly in training but loses focus the moment you both step into the competition ring? View full product details » by Michele Pouliot Canine Musical Freestyle is fun and entertaining sport that creates a performance set to music using a variety of trick behaviors. View full product details » Part of the Learning About Dogs Flexigility Series!Plug the Video (yellow) and Audio cables (red and white connected to the Y-cable) from your VCR to Dazzle. The drawback - Dazzle software can only record 104 minutes.Start the software, put in a blank DVD (I assume you have a DVD recorder on your computer - if not, you can get one from Newegg for less than .00), hit play on your VCR and start recording. If your movie is longer than that you would have to spend a lot more money for better capturing devices. You can contact me directly if you need additional help.

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I'm looking to convert them to DVD for both backup and space savings.

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