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Up to now Lydia's Look won 9/2 and Farewell Gift 2nd 13/8, 4 more to go on my EW Heinz -- hmmmmm Sorry Andy, Just a little bit carried away Yes, I thought of that and contacted a reliable guy in IS whose response was they would'nt attempt to recover.I think the hidden subliminal message was something along the lines of " and why the hell should we have to clear up the IR's mess".However, she had been told that if they can't resolve this soon (no time scale obviously) then consideration was being given to doing manual payments.Finally, she said in every case like this you should appeal.Note: Before making any changes to a claim, you must follow the guidance in TCM0042260.

Thanks Suzhal I didn't know any of that but it doesn't surprise me.If it is an OP would TC ACT 5(4) allow her to keep the payment from 6th April up till her husband died. Perverse isn't it She just wants rid and can't afford the hassle One of our workers has just dropped in from conducting a training session where the talk drifted around to tax credits and most there were having real problems.That provision only seems to bite on restricting backdated payments before that date. Thats 20 people and a major percentage of them wish they had never applied so possibly there's some possibility the amnesty might acheive something.I need help on a case I have before me and hope someone can give my brain a hand. Husband died in May and immediately before and for the whole of last year the couple were on Income Support.She applied for CTC and was given an award backdated 3 months before the date of claim,from february 2004, for a period when she and her husband were in receipt of Income Support.

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I've looked at reg 7 (Claims & Notifications) which allows backdate but her situation would seem to also fall under TC ACT 5(4)which precludes "earlier days" being paid if in receipt of IS etc.

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